Saturday, May 15, 2010

Garage Sale Loot

I of course went to bed at 9:30 instead of finishing the dress- it looks less smock-like on a person.
Andrew modeling a funky polyester I got at a garage sale. Stay tuned, I am going to make a poll for which pattern to use with it. The flash dulled the colors, they are even brighter!!! 1 dollar.
These were 10 bucks but sooo cool. They are 4-5 inches high and made of painted metal. Aren't they cool?
This semi-frightening painting is on canvas. Parts of it are made 3-D with yarn and stuff. Andrew is horrified by it and was trying to talk me out of it, even after I made it clear it is going in my classroom. It looks loosely Inca/Maya/Aztec enough for world history. It was 10 bucks, which is as cheap as a poster.
Andrew, modeling our new towel-apron covered in giant, scary pansies.
And that is all for today!


  1. Fun polyester print! And that is one scary painting...
    In case you didn't know, those roosters are a Portuguese symbol of good luck! I was in Portugal last year and you see those brightly coloured roosters everywhere - wine toppers, napkin holders, ceramic tiles, ornaments, etc.

  2. That's cool!I didn't know that, thanks for telling me!

  3. I love the pansy apron! and the dress is looking fabulous!!!

  4. The fabric is so funky-I can't wait to see what it becomes! And only $1!


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