Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden green

The green beans are shooting up insanely fast- they sprouted up about 2 days ago and are already almost five inches tall.
I call this Darwin's Garden. It's all of my leftover herb seeds tossed together, it gets a mediocre amount of sun- it is the survival of the fittest! At this point the basil seems to be winning.

This is one of the cherry tomato plants; I already ate two that were ripe!

I also read an article in the paper Saturday's paper about vegetable varieties that thrive in Louisiana heat, which seems necessary. Most of the plants that are big seems fine, but the little ones are struggling. Next year, I will plant the seeds earlier.

I've also been sewing- more on that later!


  1. Wow, your gardens progress is amazing! I can't believe how fast everything is growing. You have already had a ripe cherry tomato! Contrast that with my poor garden that can't seem to get any sun, we have had the coldest, rainiest spring ever!


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