Saturday, May 29, 2010

Garage Sale Loot

I guess since it's Memorial Day weekend, there was only one estate sale. I took the dog to City Park and walked him; we chased a squirrel, but did not catch him.

This is my long-term china pattern. I only have a few pieces because it is terribly expensive, but it's my goal to have the whole set. It is Wedgwood Florentine in turquoise, with fruit in the center and a border of griffin. It is so awesome, the color is beautiful, and the pattern is edgy rather than overly feminine. At the estate sale they had maybe 18 pieces of it for $295. I don't have three hundred dollars to drop on fine china at this point in my life, but I will go back tomorrow to see if it's still there and to maybe cut a deal. Wish me luck.
I got this chair for 10 bucks, which was overpriced. The people running the sale seemed borderline hysterical, so I didn't even bother trying to negotiate. I like the upside-down heart cut-outs. I have three chairs, now, that need to be stripped, refinished and given a new seat. My new skill goals!
I also got the pink Pyrex in the center for $1. I really love this style of Pyrex, and it seems like no one else does since I always pick some up for cheap.
I also did some cleaning, some sewing, and so on. More on the sewing later.


  1. Around here the nested set of pyrex dishes (you have the yellow and blue displayed here) go for HUGE money if you have the set, the smaller blue bowl goes for nearly as much as the entire set, I've seen people pay over $100 without batting an eye. I too love these pieces and was so happy when my mom got me the entire nested set from someone who didn't know what they had! Of course, I don't use them, I'm to afraid I will break them! Great score on the pink bowl! Love it! Did you get the lid too?

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  2. You got some really good loot at the estate sale! I love the chair, when you described it I did not think that it looked like the picture it is really unique and I think it was well worth the $10.00! I like the pyrex you collect, if i ever see any I will pick it up for you. Good luck negotiating on the china tomorrow, you and I know how expensive it is!! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed!

  3. Wow- that's crazy about the Pyrex. The blue was one buck, the pink was one buck with no lid and I begrudgingly paid 5 for the big yellow bowl. LOL


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