Thursday, December 29, 2011

Advice, please: Etsy

Hello ladies!

I just cleaned out my closet and I have some handmade clothes I want to sell on etsy. Do any of you have shops on etsy or buy things from there often? What are reasonable prices for vintage-styled handmade dresses (mostly)?

I am going to sell those vintage heels I bought, some buttons, the plaid 50s dress, the purple dress with red buttons, the "social studies" dress, these tweed pants, the scary diner waitress dress and my cupcake dress of pinkness.

I would appreciate any advice!



  1. Well, since I do have a shop I will weigh in as best as I can. Be prepared for it to be a lot more work than you expect it to be, lol. Honestly, I thought I wold have sold way more than I have sold already. Things do sell, but just not always very quickly, and I like instant gratification,lol.

    I am not sure about the dress pricing though, as lots of the vintage styled dresses I have seen are made to order. Good luck! Post a link to your shop once you get it all done so we can all check it out!

  2. I've bought some vintage clothes on etsy. Comparison shopping might be the best way to price things. For more common sizes (waist 28"+, bust 34-36"+) you'd likely be able to charge more/have a larger market.

    If there's a resale store near you they may be happy to give you some money for your things, too.

  3. Not sure about Etsy advice, but I saw your beige Social Studies Dress. If it's the color you don't like, have you thought about dying it? I dyed a dress that was too beige as well, and now it's my favorite.

    For what it's worth, your work is lovely!


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