Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ok, so my dad told me he wants an "Irish cap" made by me for Christmas. I bought this wool that I had been eyeing at Jo-Anns to make a practice version. 

Did I go online and look at pictures to study them and make my own pattern? No, of course not. I decided I knew EXACTLY how it would be made and then drew and cut out 6 triangles. I cut them out and sewed them together and then put it on. 

 LOL, I am an idiot. This looks NOTHING like a tweed cap. So I added a band and decided I will wear it until it falls apart. This will happen soon because the weave is really loose.
I made a thin scarf out of the leftover fabric. I did manage to match up the plaid on the scarf, but not the hat.

Don't worry, I have since looked at some pictures and am going to attempt version 2 tonight. Or make a tarte aux poires. We shall see.


  1. I have been eyeing this exact same fabric every time I am at Joanns. Then I remember my fabric stash and leave empty handed, lol. :]

  2. Yeah, but it's 50% off now, which is why I bought some!


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