Saturday, December 31, 2011

Awesome new fabric store!

Yesterday, I got to meet Meg in person! Very exciting! I found a new fabric store that I had never been to and recruited her to go along. It is called Discount Textile Outlet and I found it on Yelp, which often has good (or hilarious) reviews. Basically the review trend in 2 directions: awesome, cheap awesomeness OR disgusting, messy and disorganized. I thought this sounded like a place I would enjoy...

It's a giant warehouse and on the first floor is mostly fashion fabric for clothes. There is a whole room of what I would call "prom dress heaven" full of satin, chiffon, beads and such. A whole room or ribbon and trim. They have nice men's suiting and a ton of spandex. A back room of upholstery fabric. 

This seems to be the only picture I took, but I think it expresses our excitement about finding a great, cheap fabric store that is not Joann/Hancock.
There was so much to look at. This is in the basement, which is disorganized, but exciting. More upholstery (even for cars, lol) and so many tacky buckles and a room full of zippers in every color and size!

Plus there's an upstairs! It is slightly more organized than the basement and there are so many rolls of fabric. It is all so cheap. Lots of stuff is priced 4.95 a yard and the nicer fabric we bought was 7.98 a yard. 

On a practical note, expect to park on the street and they take cash or cards. If you are in Chicago (and not overly prissy about organization) definitely go give a try! Also, it is owned by Orthodox Jewish people, so it closes early on Fridays and is closed on Saturdays, FYI. 

It was super fun to meet Meg and I'm sure I will be going back often!
 I bought two yards of this fabric. Yes it is velour. Yes it is gold! Yes, it does have sheer squiggles up and down it!! Hell yeah!! I am going to make another mardi gras maxi dress to take down in  February! PS- they had it about ten colors. Would it be so wrong to make one dress from each color? LOL

Then I went to Joann for their pattern sale and bought:
yes, 10 more patterns. And then I went home and ordered two more online because the store was out of my size! 

Whoo hoo! 

Now I am off to work on NY Eve, and a double tomorrow and a double on Sunday. If you go out, tip your waiters and waitresses nicely since they will be ringing in the New Year at work, and you don't have to!!! :)

Have a good night!


  1. I hope you got lots of tips for working on NYE!

    I also bought 11 patterns - 10 for .99c each so I paid $13 for patterns and $30 for shipping from the States to Brisbane - and it still makes it only $4 per pattern and $2 at least cheaper than I would ever get them.

  2. Wow..that place looks A-mazing! So great that you and Meg got to meet up!!! how fun!!! Happy New Year!

  3. It was a total blast hanging out with you and not getting buried by fabric piles or eaten by rats ;) We definitely need to go back!!!

  4. That store looks amazing! I for one can not wait to see the Mardi Gras dress!!

  5. Discount Textile Outlet is so wonderful and gross at the same time. In the summer it's 500 degrees in there and the basement smells like mildew, but somehow it's oh so fun.


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