Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two wins and a FAIL

Let's start with a win:
Look at my awesome tarte aux poires, aka pear pie. I complete stole the decorating idea from Meg and it turned out great! 
 Win 2: Emma is going to go with me on Thursday to the sketchy estate sale. The rest of you (Meg) should skip work and come too! Email me at mollysewsblog [at] gmail [dot] com if you want to...

Win 3: Adorable Andrew and his trench coat got chosen for Burdastyle's Best of November! I am super excited!

and now....
for the EPIC fail...
I present to you...
Dad's Irish tweed cap version 2...

Yeah, I know. WTF. Who even knows what is going on up in here. So frightening. When (and if) I ever sort this out I am going to make my first tutorial so that no one has to suffer like me (and your eyes). I even drew sketches and discussed it with Andrew...he is good at the logic puzzles of sewing.

I'm going to start version 3 this afternoon before work. Wish me luck, it seems I desperately need it!


  1. That's awesome... it's like a tricorn had relations with beret.
    Love it! :0)

  2. Heheheh... your two hat versions have made me laugh! I love your spirit of experimentation :-)

  3. Your pie looks uber fabulous!! Very well done, I say :) And I love your hat! Keep on truckin - you'll figure it out... and then you can share with the rest of us who aren't as brave!


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