Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jumper complete!

I finished my jumper today, and my lesson plans, and went to kickball practice, and to Jo-Anns...I was very productive. When I attached the skirt to the bodice, I accidentally shortened the bodice too much, so I decided I needed a belt. I searched the interwebs for awhile and then found this belt at Forever 21.
The style is cool, but not the pleather and the inexplicably white topstitching and the fact that it probably has elastic on it somewhere since it's one size fits all. Only 7 bucks though. So I attempted my own out of cotton and interfacing and velcro. I mean, it's slightly craptacular, but I made it without a pattern, and I was on the right track. I could totally make another out of leather that would be awesome.
Anyways, the jumper is slightly large, but I plan to wear it over a white baby T and tights, if it ever gets cooler than 85 degrees here.

Next up- a red belt with a buckle and a 40s sewing box pattern (for sewing club next week)


  1. Wow! what an excellent job on the jumper and the belt, I am very impressed with you ability to improvise and make a belt as detailed as that one from a picture! I can't wait to see it on you. I don't think 80's for the weather sounds bad at all!

  2. I am also very impressed. They both look great.



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