Saturday, June 19, 2010

An improved automobile

I finally remembered to take before and after pictures of a project!

My car is 14 years old, and has spent many years in the sun, so there are some giant spots where the paint is giving up.
You can see where I covered up the spots a year or two ago.
This is the panel that started peeling off after a trip to the car wash. Andrew did all the painting, since he thinks I am incompetent at painting with spray paint. All because at an old rental the dog had scratched the paint off of part of a door, so I spray painted it white again, but I got some on the white carpet because I didn't put down any paper. This was literally 3 years ago, but he won't ever forget!!!
Ta da! No more yellow!
All shiny and nice!
Here's my dress I'm working on. It needs buttons down the front and a hem, but I did most of it yesterday. Now to go buy more fabric!

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  1. The car looks so much better, you two really did a good job taping and painting it! I want to see your dress on you... I really do like it! The buttons will add some cute detail and use up some of the red buttons!


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