Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's a jungle out there! Butterick 5350

This is my pattern, one of my 1.99 sale patterns:
I made the blue version, minus the contrast waist. I cut out an 8, which fits like a glove. You can also note my pattern storage technique- freezer size ziplock bags, so that I don't have to refold the pieces I ironed out flat. Well for vintage patterns, I iron them. My theory is that I shouldn't zip them all the way closed because it is too humid here, what if they started to mildew in their plastic baggies? Then I would cry and whine, whine and cry.
Forced photo shoot on the way home from sushi in front of a statue on Esplanade. I don't have a tail, that is my sweater.
The back is nice, just a scoop neck. It covers up the bra straps, so I'm happy. I really like the fabric. The print is so random that you can't tell that the skirt is eight little pieces to give it the floaty bell shape.
Oh, the fabric is rayon. I like rayon! Super easy to work with!
Overall, it is very pretty, floaty and summery. I really like it. I had to add some darts coming down from the neckline because of the outrageous gaping at the front. But now the right side look fine, but my left side is going for a nice pointy cone-boob look. Any suggestions on how to fix that? It's tacky. I guess I will just pick out the dart and reposition it until it looks ok?

Overall, I am happy.


  1. I love the fabric and the style! It is so beautiful and you look beautiful! Your sewing is so good. I can't wait to see your next project!

  2. I love how this dress floats. It's so perfect for summer.It' beautiful.

  3. That's a great dress--almost makes me wish Seattle had warmer summers ;) The skirt shape is lovely.

    As for dart misbehavior, I'd try pressing it over a ham/other curved object first. If it's still being bad then sew out the excess. If the position is ok I like pinning or otherwise marking the new dart while wearing the item.

  4. That's a great dress. And you look very pretty in it, perfect for summer indeed!

  5. Very pretty! You're sewing up a storm these days, so many lovely summer dresses!
    I agree with Summer's suggestion of pressing the dart over a ham first, to see if that fixes the problem. Good luck!

  6. just pretend it's vintage and you're supposed to have pointy boobs. very cute. is the sushi good in new orleans?

  7. This turned out so cute! I'm actually working on this pattern now off and on, the same view. I'm more top heavy then you though so kind of worried I will be spilling out of it!


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