Friday, June 25, 2010

Filled with Hate, or Why to make a muslin

Before I begin moping and ranting, I got to photostalk the awesome birds again. Doesn't it look like a freaky dino-bird? There are two of them, as well.
This is my pattern, one of the 25 cent ones. I really liked the one-button jacket. It looks so sleek in the (lying, lying) drawing. Remember, this was my cheap red cotton muslin to decide if it was worth cutting into my $30 a yard black wool.
More dollar shoes. These are more practical and less cute, but still ok for work.
Here is how my final project makes me feel:

So let's try to ignore the Barbara Bush, power suit-1980s feel of the look, and look at how badly it fits and how FRUMPY I look!!!
In this picture, you can see how the collar does NOT lay flat at all, but you can look at the chest area. My boobs look like deflated balloons! Oh the horror.

Close-up of the ugly collar.
The skirt back fits nicely.
The front darts either need to be longer, or I need to taper them more finely. At this point, I was so cranky I spent about 35 seconds on them. See hoe the darts go through the waistband? Classy.
Final thoughts:

The skirt is okay. I like the general fit, but I need to draft a curved waistband for it, which I don't know how to do, but can probably figure out. As is, I added darts to the waistband, which is really tacky and lazy. I also want it to curve in more towards my knees. All of that is fix-able.

The jacket is crap. It looks frumpy, and big, and very very ill-fitting. Ugh. I wasted time sewing this, which annoys me, and it sucks. Definitely not cutting into the nice wool for this jacket. I don't like how the sleeves are twice as long as the jacket. It makes me look like a monkey.

So, be as cruel as you want in the comments. I will only cry a little. But, like I tell the students, you have to give me a reason why or your opinion is meaningless. You can't just say "vomit", you need to say "It makes me vomit because..." Or, better yet, any advice on how to make this less hideous?


  1. I like the skirt - with some tweaks (as you said) it will look awesome.

    The jacket looks like it is the wrong size. Other than the waist area it all looks like it could be a size or two down and fit better.

  2. I agree with the above comment by Yvonne. I had a few patterns that were disappointing in the muslin stages, but I picked up Fit For Real People based on Gertie's recommendation and resewed one of them today, it fits awesome and it totally flattering. See if your library has it because I think that jacket is salvageable! I hope it is, it would be cute on you if it fit well!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  3. I would appear that you need a SBA or small bust adjustment. Try stuffing a set of shoulder pads in the jacket and see what that does. Looks like you either need shoulder pads or do a sloped shoulder adjustment.

  4. Hey, I don't think that's a bittern. Bitterns are VERY shy and wouldn't wander into the neighborhood. I think it's a juvenile yellow-crowned night heron. I hope you can see them when they're adults because they are really cool and very striking.

    I think a smaller size and some narrowing in the upper chest is what you might need in addition to the SBA.

  5. Don't look so sad, it is fixable! Actually, you should shorten the darts...the more you lengthen them the more they will get that funny pucker (as long as they are sewn right). The dart should end at the fullest part of your abdomen. If not the darts will pull it under and give you a tummy bump.
    I bet if you stuck a REALLY awesome button on the jacket it would make it look much better, or even some fun but appropriate trim. Maybe a contrasting collar?
    If I were making it, I would do 1/2 length sleeves. Full length almost always look frumpy, although I hate them anyways, not enough movement.

  6. I too think this outfit is fixable, I have some advice on the waistband for the skirt though, perhaps if you face the waist instead of putting a waistband on you won't have the same issues.

    Also is your fabric (the wool) red, cause colour could also be a factor in how you feel about it, the ill fit of hte jacket would probably be less noticeable in black for example.

    Otherwise I think you have done a great muslin, rarely is there a pattern that wont need some changes at this stage. So why not give fitting it properly a go, worse that happens is you ruin a jacket you hate anyway.

  7. Oh, such a sad face : (
    I would use some of the suggestions and try to tweak it so that it fits the way you want it to.

  8. You need to shorten your darts and then take in the side seam a bit where the darts end all the way down to your hem. I just learned that on a muslin I was making. This will get rid of your puckering.

  9. You did a great job sewing! You need to spend more time in fitting as you go. I think that the red looks nice on you!

    You can fix the jacket. Turn in inside out and pin princess line seams down the front over the bust. You will be turning your darts into seams. I think adding another button to the front might help pull it together in the front. I'm not a big fan of shoulder pads, since I have broad shoulders, but I think this jacket would benefit from shoulder pads. I like the long sleeves.

    On the skirt, I agree with a previous comment on stopping the darts at the widest point and let the skirt skim over your body. If you want it to come in any more, take it in at the side seam. The back of the skirt looks very nice! The darts are in the right place!

    Back to fitting... If you don't want to take the time to do the fitting, then find a simple pattern and use a great print. That is what I call,"letting the fabric do the work." I can do fine sewing, but I don't have enough time to do all the detail work, so I let the "fabric do the work" and I get complements. I use simple, but flattering patterns with fun fabrics.

    Do you press as you go? You will find some of the challenges before you get too far along. You might have found out how the collar was not going to lay flat if you were pressing as you go.

    I have made my share of mistakes! I have learned something from them too. I'm sure you have learned something from this outfit!

    You did a good job, you just need to put some time into fitting.

  10. Sorry I don't like the jacket at all (nor the color), but the skirt it's ok.
    Go to sandra betzina and watch the video about darts and how to sew them. Sandra has a neat trick there!


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