Sunday, June 27, 2010

Next Project and THE BIRD

Here is my next project:
Simplicity 5355 (1972) looks like a jumpsuit, but is really a halter top and giant pants. I like the sleeveless version, but I really like how it looks in black. Since Hancock has rayon on half price, and it's my new favorite fabric, I bought some. I think it'll be pretty Charlie's Angels awesome. Plus, it'll be about ten bucks.
Here's some 99 cent patterns I picked up. The one on the left has a nice pencil skirt with a curved waistband. The one on the right has some potentially nice work pants, and I like the sheath dress with the tucks at the neckline. Both are McCalls. Thinking of my skanky-tight shorts incident, I looked at the sizing and I am definitely a 10 in McCalls, for future reference.
Plus, Saintpudalia (I would give you a blog link but her profile is secret) commented on my last bird picture and said it looked like a juvenile Yellow Crested Night Heron and I looked online and she is totally right!! The ones by my house are young, so they don't have the cool mask yet. We walked the dog at City Park tonight and I saw 2 adults. So, props to her!

PS- I did go to estate sales on Saturday, but there was nothing great. I got an atlas on World History and some baskets and books for my future, and long-anticipated, classroom. I think I used up my good luck on the Wedgwood and the 24 vintage patterns.... :)


  1. I am looking forward to the next project, the 'Charlie's Angels' pants and top! You could wear it to work if you had a jacker or sweater over the halter top.
    That bird is so awesome! You need to come up with a name for it, maybe....Saintpudalia?

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the big wide pants and the halter top outfit.



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