Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ye Olde Christmas Tree Skirt

Actually, ye newe Xmas tree skirt! There was nothing math-related in the creation of this guy, so it does not close all the way in the back. I also ended up gathering the center, but that's okay. You can pull it up over the stand so it doesn't show. 
 It was 2 yards each of three different Xmas fabrics, which ended up being about 30 bucks. LOL, not really saving any money... Oh well. I like it and it's really big.

Do you like our tree? We drove all the way up to Antioch to go to Ben's Christmas Tree Farm and cut it down ourselves! It's a blue spruce, so it's really pretty!

It always looks sort of blue like that, but the light is extra piercing because it snowed! I am still excited to see snow every time. Ten years in New Orleans will do that...
 I gave the lemon tree a few ornaments so it wouldn't be jealous.
 Up close the fabrics are gingerbread men, holiday penguins and snowmen.
Merry Christmas to everyone if I don't manage to post anything this week!


  1. Your tree is so pretty, I would say it was worth the drive! I love your tree skirt, the fabric is very christmasy. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND ANDREW!!

  2. so jealous of your real tree! it looks amazing. the skirt is awesome. you should paint in a blue background for the penguins to make them "socially awkward penguins"


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