Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage dress copy, with artistic license

I bought this dress on ebay in 2005 or 2006. It fit fairly well but it had a few rust stains, some permanent discoloration under the armpits and places where the bodice and lining were fraying apart. My plan originally was to take it apart and reline it, hopefully making it look nice again. As I took it apart, which was very simple as the thread pretty much disintegrated if you tugged on it, the fabric tore in several places as well. This is yet another reason I don't like actual vintage clothing. 
 So instead, I saved the pieces and waited and waited for this Lisette fabric to go off of sale, so I could use a coupon. It never happened, so I just bought it a few weeks ago. I bought two yards. How did I think that was enough to make a circle skirt?
 Anyways, I was too stingy/lazy to go buy more fabric, so I reduced the skirt by half. Oh plus I started this in July (lol) so when I went to actually make it, I realized I had thrown away the front bodice! What! So I had to guesstimate, which is always a FAIL waiting to happen. It turned out huge, so there a center seam. I also added two tucks at the neckline at the very end, because it was so baggy and awful looking.
 You really can't see the details, the bodice has no darts; instead it makes a triangle at the center waist and there are two side pieces that fill in the triangle. The fabric has white swirls on it.
 I made a belt too, as I already has this pearly belt buckle.
 I reused the zipper from the original dress. Oh I also used part of the original's skirt to line T-Rex's Napoleon costume.
It's not exactly the same, but I am pretty happy with it. Now I just need to wait for Spring to wear it....

Working at the restaurant has made me in way better shape- my arms and legs are stronger, my stomach is flatter, but... sniff... my bobs are smaller. So sad.

Also, since some of you also love the Walking Dead, which character do you hate? It seems like everyone hates at least one. For example, Andrew HATES Andrea so much. I absolutely despise Lori. She is so STUPID and weak and annoying and prissy. Really, it's a zombie apocalypse and you're not going to teach your son how to shoot a gun properly? OMG...... ahhhhhh. I wnat her to get really pregnant and then get feasted on by zombies. lol. Ok, share your thoughts....


  1. Your dress is is so funny that you used that fabric, I was at Joanne's looking for fabric to make my grandpuppy pj's and I saw that on the end of an aisle and thought it was beautiful, and it is on you!! I do agree with your hated WD character, I saw that episode and that was denial to the nth degree, concerned that her son might get hurt? hellllo

  2. This is such a lovely spring-time dress! Well done for sticking with it, sounds like making it turned out to be a bit of a journey!

    On Walking Dead, I also hate Lori...mainly because she just needs to eat something before she snaps in two! And, yes, she does need to man up too! ;o)

  3. What a super cute dress! I love that you used the original dress as a pattern. I, too, get annoyed with vintage clothing because of the disintegration of the fabric. Even if it seems strong, I worry that it will tear one day at the worst moment.

    I love Walking Dead, as well. The character I can't stand is the mom with the super short hair (I forget her name). She is just so whiny and annoying.


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