Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quick estate sale loot

I went to an estate sale yesterday in a nearly condemned "fixer-upper" which was creaky and gross. I braved my way into the basement only to find these awesome shoes! They are sadly too small (prob a 5.5 US) but I guess I'll clean them up a bit and sell them on etsy. 
 Someone has gone over this in what I hope is white shoe polish, and not paint. The faux opals on the toe are so pretty!
 Two random patterns, since I am a hoarder.
 These are so awesome!!!! Look at these Mondrian style heels. They are adorable, but again a 5.5. So small. They are really pretty clean, but the paper label on the sole is cracking and coming off. LOVE!

So cute! LOVE love love!

Ok we're off to get a Xmas tree and a daybed for guests from Ikea!

Have a fun Saturday!


  1. Oh my God. There would literally be tears if I came across those Mondrian heels and they weren't my size. They are amazing! I hope you make a ton of money on Etsy.

  2. I must check out some of these estate sales. I'm missing out on some fabulous finds.

  3. The Mondrian shoes are amazing! I've never worn vintage shoes, my feet are too big!

  4. I love your shoe find, can you loosen the buckle on the Mondria to fit? Have fun getting your christmas tree!!

  5. Awesome estate sale finds! I found tons of vintage shoes this weekend too, but they're all too small for ms as well, lol.

  6. WOW! I love those Mondrian style shoes.... also too small for me! Drats! (does anyone say 'drats'???)lol

  7. This post was great and I like it. That shoes was very lovely and how I wish to wear that. Thank you for sharing.

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