Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wool for my coat

I chose the blue!
While the burgundy and mauve were beautiful together, I wasn't sure. The textures of the two wools were different, which I think would bother me a little. Plus, the coat will look very retro and perhaps burgundy would make it look old-fashioned. I think the blue is more modern.
Plus the blues have the exact same texture, which pleases the perfectionist in me.

My question for you:

Should I interline this coat in flannel? It will be a long coat, which is more for winter. The wool is medium weight, so it's not very heavy. Plus, we won't live in New Orleans forever, so it will be my investment coat. I will have it forever.
P.S. Here is my fabric for my classroom tablecloths. Hot pink and apple green. I bought them on two separate trips to Jo-Ann's to use two 40% off coupons.
Hopefully I will be able to carve out a little time each day to sew and make some progress. I have the black skirt, my cape, my tablecloth and the pattern cut out and fabric purchased for another skirt! I refuse to have UFOs!


  1. I voted no but not because I think your coat will be too bulky with the flannel lining. But, because you are in Louisiana, I think the flannel lining might be too warm for most of the winter there.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the your coat when it is finished. It is a pretty pattern and the blue wool is beautifual.

  2. I think you should make the coat for the weather you have. You could always add an interlining later, if you need it. I love the pattern and the material.

  3. Can you make a removable lining? This would make it the most useful I think. I love the blue - a great color for you!

  4. I voted for flannel but now I'm thinking a removable lining would be better. One way to do this is to complete your coat like regular. Then create a separate one using a sandwich of lining around flannel without the seam allowances and collars so you can then button it in at the neckline and sleeve hems.

    I know this isn't clear but I'm sure you can find instructions for this somewhere. I once inherited an Army trench coat that had this exact type of construction for its insulated layer.

  5. I vote for thinsulate removable lining. However, depending how long you'll be in New Orleans the coat may wear out before you move somewhere colder. Bear in mind I'm cold blooded.

    You could also add a lining later--hey that's a pretty good idea! lol

  6. I love the blue and you look really good in blue so the fabric color choice is perfect
    I like the idea of a removable interlining, that is what I have in my black trenchcoat and I think you would be able to find easy instructions online. Anyway, it is worth considering!


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!