Monday, August 23, 2010


Actually yes. I'm not above a little begging! I set up this project on to fund a class set of books to read during out unit on Egypt. I LOVED this book (Mara, daughter of the Nile) in middle school and it would be wonderful, especially for my honors class to read in full and my regular classes to read excerpts.

Click here to read my proposal!

Anyways, it would be really sweet if any of you have a few dollars to donate to our cause. The students would love this, you get a thank you from students when it's fully funded, and you get good karma! LOL.

PS- I don't know how we count as minimal poverty, since it's the kind of school where I couldn't expect each child to pay $5 to get their own book- some of their parents really can't spare the money. Plus, it's low-income enough to get part of my Perkins student loans cancelled by the government (yay!)

Thanks, everyone, even just for looking. Feel free to re-post it where ever you like!


  1. Thanks to those who have donated! You are great!

  2. I can't donate $ right now, but I do have a copy of the book I can send. My kids read it. We homeschool and it was one of the books in the curriculum. Let me know if you are interested.

  3. You amaze me -- you are able to accomplish so much : )

  4. Very best of luck Molly!
    I see you are so close now. I have posted the page to my facebook page - I hope it helps.


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