Saturday, August 7, 2010

Too busy to sew?

School has started, at least for teachers, so I have been really busy. Plus, since we got the dog back from boarding him he has had what we can euphemistically call "intestinal distress."
Sadly, my sewing room is his favorite place to hide and have horrifying, horrifying diarrhea. So, I have not been doing any sewing. Don't worry, he is on meds and a bland diet and will hopefully be feeling better soon, poor baby.
I did wear my cute blue dress I made this summer to back to school night. That is when the students and parents can come to meet their teachers, get books and buy gym uniforms, etc.

My room's theme is hot pink and neon green- it is very BRIGHT and FESTIVE and ENGAGING!!! I have made one ruffled, coordinating tablecloth for my two long tables, and I have one in the works. My thread keeps snapping though and it is frustrating. I can't figure out why. It did force me to clean out the feed dogs and the shuttle, so it's not all bad.

I'll post some pictures when I finish both. They are cute, and I am learning how to use my ruffler, which is an AWESOME foot! If you have one, try it. I know it looks menacing, but it is so fast and awesome and evenly perfect.

Havr a good week! Who knows when I'll be able to post something new?


  1. I would love to see some pics or tutorial on using a ruffler and your finished products :)

  2. Love the photo of you looking very welcoming on back to school night!!I think I have a ruffler attachment and have never even used it, LOL. I'm glad T-Rex is getting better and I can completely understand why you haven't been sewing UGH!


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