Friday, March 5, 2010

Dress Update and Friday's Outfit

Here's the smidgen of progress I made this week. Basically, all I did was the neckline facing and the straps. It's all just pinned right now; after I make both parts, I will fit it on me and adjust it. It's starting to look good, I think.
Here's a scary picture where I look like a giant. Today's outfit, my zebra dress. More pix of it here.
Lots of the students really liked that I had made all my dresses this week. I also like talking about sewing, one of the other teachers sews crafty stuff, one of the secretaries quilts by hand.... Next year, I might see if anyone would join a sewing would be fun encouraging young people to sew!

They did point out I wore a lot of green this week. It also made me realize i need more shoes and cardigan sweaters. The mall may be in my forecast for the weekend.

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