Monday, February 8, 2010

Saint-sational Superbowl Champion Capes

We live in New Orleans and love the Saints, and the city went crazy for the SuperBowl! So Sunday morning. my boyfriend and I slapped together matching capes for the parades (it's also almost Mardi Gras) and then the game. I ended up making the out of felt, because Jo-Ann's was sold out of practically every yellow and black fabric there.

This is mine. With my matching fleur-de-lis on my face!
This is my boyfriend's. They both have the trim at the bottom. He refuses to be on the blog, so I blurred out his face. lol.
He drew and cut out the fleur-de-lis for both, while i sewed it all together. I pinked all the edges so it looks interesting and the tie is gold cord (his) and ribbon (mine). And yes, that is a box of Vella. We are nothing but classy here!

This is a terrible, self-portrait of the other day. I wasted part of a Saturday morning tring to do something like victory rolls. I even watched youtube tutorials. My hair is long, and fine, and slippery and I suck at trying to do things with it. This is just one example of the monstrosities I created. I am not meant to be a hair stylist, I guess!


  1. I like the victory roll, maybe just smooth the sides more, it looks good.

  2. The capes are great as is Andrew's anonymous photo, does he know you blurred him out?


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