Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Next Project

This is my sewing room, aka the dining room that no one ever dines in.
This a gratuitous shot of the wiener dog howl-barking at me.
This is my next project. My car is currently broken, so I am fabric-less, sitting at home, not sewing. I want to make the full-skirted version. The skirt has eight big pleats, and I haven't done any pleats for awhile. I also really like the scalloped dropped waist. I think it could be a cute, unique dress that hopefully isn't too "cute." Minus the dickie and the cuffs, which are supposedly detachable.

One reason I like vintage patterns, beyond the fit and the detail and the look, is seeing which version the last woman chose. Obviously she and I have good taste, because the pinked pieces are the ones for A, minus the dickie and cuffs. What a smart lady!

Now I have three other patterns in the running too, I just depends on the fabric I find...


  1. I like your pattern, I can't wait to see what fabric you choose. I also love the photo of your sewing room (aka dining room) and of course T-Rex!


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