Thursday, July 23, 2009

T-Rex's Throne: the Dog Bed

About a year ago, I decided the dog needed his own bed. This was to encourage him to jump onto and off of the furniture less frequently, so I don't end up with a wiener dog in a wheel chair.

I had some leftover jersey I had bought for another project I never finished. He likes to hide food and things in cushions and corners, so there is a nice fold between the base and the sides for him to do that.

The side are stuffed with leftover quilt batting sliced into strips. The base is two old pillows stuffed inside. The back has an overlapping slit to take out the pillows for washing.

He loves his bed, and it was worth the hour I spent making it. My only regret is using such a light fabric- needless to say, the green is no longer so crisp and clean...

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  1. Oh!! Lovely bed and toys for cute dog!! Petco is my favorite place for buying pet supplies!!


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