Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oregon Estate Sale Loot!

Mom and I went garage sale-ing while I was home, which is one of my most favorite things. Five estate sales, who hoo! I got a lot of loot, and would have bought more if the airlines hadn't started charging for checked bags. Don't get me started on that, though.

I saw three nice vintage sewing machines, two table top, and one in a table. All in working condition and reasonably priced. I should have snuck pictures...

One lady obviously had been into sewing. I got a giant box of zippers, some white gloves, and three awesome vintage patterns! And the lady working threw in the patterns for free!!


Simplicity 7424 from 1948. Goofy slippers. I told my bf I was going to make him the red and blue elf ones. He looked sad.

This is McCall's 1713 from 1952. Cute aprons. I don't have much use for aprons, but they could be cute gifts. I like how the blond girl in red coordinated her apron with her dress. What a good housewife!

This is McCall's 1087 from 1943. To make your own fabric covered boxes, yay. I don't know why I would need one, but I find the idea intriguing. I'm definitely going to try to make each pattern at least once.
Here's my 3$ worth of zippers. Cool colors and sizes, some in their boxes. All metal.

This is loot for my classroom. I got some desks of cards, some maps for the walls, and these four things to laminate and put on the walls. The three small ones are on silk and show some Indian men riding elephants and hunting and stuff. The big one is on homemade paper and shows a village scene from Latin America. I teach US and World History, so I like them.
What a great haul, and mom and I had a fun day!

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  1. That was soo much fun--and what a great surprise to have you home for a week, remember, you and Andrew are going to come to Oregon for Christmas! Just a few hours ago I said to Dad...I wish Molly was still here :)
    Love you honey


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