Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I finally found a place! It's beautiful and I am so happy that we will be living like ADULTS! (not jammed into a dumpy, too-small apartment due to broke-osity)

Not only did I negotiate the guy down 200$ a month, but it really is lovely. It has windows! That aren't painted shut! Fresh air!

They had no problem with the dog! Well, I mean, there was still a pet deposit...

It has wood floors! and a balcony! The weather is so nice here for so much of the year, and now I can enjoy it, and T-Rex can lay in the sun!

It's a second floor unit, so it's super safe, which unfortunately is always something to consider in New Orleans. And it has a back staircase, so now my mom can stop imagining we will die in a fire. Just for comparison's sake, my current dump is a third-floor attic, probably forty feet up, with one exit, windows that are five feet off the ground, and neighbors who do things like try to light fires in the old/unworking/just-for-show fireplaces downstairs. So there's reason to be relieved.

Most importantly:

Dishwasher and a washer and dryer!! Heart be still! So that means no more fighting over who has to wash silverware and no more laundromat. How I will miss being leered at by creepy men as I load and unload the dryer, in 100 degree humid heat, while the crazy lady who pees her pants pushes around the shared cart full of her stinky clothes.....

Count your blessings if you have never had to use a laundromat! Actually, I lied. Awhile ago I made a deal with my bf that I would do all other housework if he would do the laundry. He agreed. Then I reneged and made that not include dishes. Hee hee.

Plus teacher training starts on Thursday!! I am so excited!I can't wait to meet my students in two weeks!

All in all I am super happy right now, in case you can't tell! I am almost finished with a dress, which has been in the works for about a month now. I have to finish it before I pack my sewing stuff for the move, so maybe tomorrow...


  1. Congrats on finding the new apartment..it looks faboo!!!


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