Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Spring Blouse: Vogue 6910

 I made this blouse a few weeks ago and then every weekend I would try to take pictures and it would get all grey and rainy. Just to spite me, I'm sure. No one else in the Chicago area enjoys nice weather on their weekends. . . Point is, I finally got Andrew to take some very bright pictures in the sun today.

I made this blouse from Vogue 6910 which looks like it's from the 60s or so. I made a combination of views B and D. It has the short sleeves and the little vents at the waist.
I used a little piece of (I think) vintage polyester from that pile of loot I got a few months ago. It is blue and green in a big floral print. It is nice and spring-y to celebrate the warm weather.

Since it's for a 34 bust it is a little loose, but the shoulders fit appropriately. The looseness allowed to leave out the center back zipper that the pattern called for, as I think that sounds really uncomfortable. This picture is more for an "outfit" look. I wore it to school a week or two ago and it was nice and comfortable. The school is old and currently without a/c, so it was bearable in this blouse on a 80 degree day.
 I pulled it on to take pictures on the dog-walk/buy delicious pastries walk and did not realize how wrinkly it is. Oops. I had to wait outside with the dog and T-Rex of course had to go insane barking at a pitbull that was walking by. He is such an embarrassment.
 The vents go up about 3 inches or so and give me a little more ease of movement for the fabric has no stretch. The back is just loose:
 So it's a little shapeless and loose, but that is fine for hot weather in the summer.
I really like the colors and I can see myself wearing this a lot.

We spent this Saturday and last Saturday doing "Spring Cleaning" and I got rid of SOOOO many clothes. Even crap I have made, which I usually second-guess myself on getting rid of. I put all my winter stuff up in the top of my closet and brought down warmer-weather clothes. I really tried to be objective about if I wore some of the stuff, so in the end a big box of shoes and eight bags of clothes/stuff went sailing off the the Village Thrift. Yay to not hoarding me-made stuff that didn't work out!

My pottery class is basically over, so I hope to be producing some sewing projects soon! Thanks to anyone who still reads after months of lazy and sporadic posting!!


  1. Perfect fabric for that style top and the glasses add to the look. You make me laugh with your comments about T-Rex!

    1. Andrew and I call him our "practice child" in a what-not-to-do way. He is so spoiled and bratty.

  2. Cute fabric and top, I can see you wearing it to work or as a casual top! Congrats on the spring cleaning, it's sad that you got rid of some of your sewing tho :( The rose bush you are posing in front of is beautiful!!

  3. Love the top - the vents are always good for giving that little 'bit extra' breathing room. Your putting your winter woollies away, and I am lugging mine out...

  4. Such a cute top! I think it looks lovely. I really like the pattern and your fabric choice.

    I think you may have inspired me to clean out my closets today; being it is another dreary day in the midwest ;-)

    Our pooch is spoiled as well and thinks she is one of the children.... lol. silly dogs.

  5. adorable top! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for Mellysews! I live in switzerland now but used to live in Chicago for 20 years. at one time I had an antique store on Belmont.

    I miss all of the great garage sales there. I am looking forward to being in the area this summer and hope to make a trip to Vogue in Evanston to stock up. It is hard to find fabrics here . I order things from the states and have them shipped.

    If you haven't already given away your 2 sets of patterns , I would love to have either but esp. the 34 set. Email me & I can give you my moms mailing address in Wisconsin where I will be over the summer.

    I look forward to reading about your next adventure.


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