Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cleaning and Mending..ugh

 Sorry for the really awful blurry phone pictures, I think I need to delete some pictures from my phone. I think is taking really low quality ones to save storage space, as I have like 2500 pictures on there. Is that even a fact, or did I make that up?

Either way, I cleaned my sewing room yesterday as part of my spring cleaning rampage (yes, I am aware that it is summer). I got rid of some crap fabric scraps and bits and then sorted my fabric in the three drawers of my built in. Here's a picture of when we moved in two years ago. I didn't take any pictures, but it amounts to having about 100 yards of fabric hoarded up. Good god, what is wrong with me? I need to do a ton of sewing and reduce the number! I think I will list some fabric and notions on Etsy and see if I can lighten the load. I seem to sell about 1 pattern a month, but whatever!

After sorting my sewing stuff and my closet, I had a pile of me-made stuff that needed to be mended- mostly due to my shoddy craftsmanship! 
My new fingernail polish is an extra bonus. 
The red blouse and swirly skirt both lost their zipper tabs because I trimmed the bottoms off of long zippers to make them fit. I am a true genius, the tabs then fell off (shocking, right?) and I got to install two new ones. The mauve cardigan needed a button back on. The green silk handkerchief top  had a place where the hem band was separating and a big tear in the sleeve, from the really old, thin silk. I fixed up both of those. The white lump is a pillow case that needed a seam fixed. Bam!

I like to watch NCIS or Law &Order while I sew, since it's lots of yapping and I can half-listen while I do other things. Unfortunately, NCIS turned into "prime time" USA shows and they were hypnotically bad, so I kept watching. Royal Pains, which is about doctors in the Hamptons? and some terrible show about a sassy sports psychologist. That one featured the worst staged-tv-slap I have ever seen. I should maybe start listening to podcasts or something and become smarter, rather than stupider. 

Finally, I re-hemmed this dress. I only wore it to take pictures in and then never actually wore it. The length was too long and it just felt so incredibly frumpy and unflattering! 
I absolutely love that fabric and now that I turned it up about SIX inches, I will actually wear it an enjoy it, starting tomorrow for school. That's exciting! 

I also painted my nails. I waste more time than you need to know about on reddit and I have subscribed to reddit lacqueristas, which is all girls who are obsessed with fancy nail art. I am learning so many new tricks and tips. It is surprisingly fun!

I will leave you with my first attempt at "gradient" nails, where the polish fades from one color to another: 
I will post about this month's double giveaway later this week! 


  1. It's scary how little space 100 yards of fabric takes up. I had well over 100 yds as well, to my surprise, when I started cataloguing my stash. Good for you for doing mending.

  2. It is still (techically) spring, summer doesn't arrive until June 21, so you are still spring cleaning. Just trying to help. ;)

    As someone who can't sew unless there is something to watch on TV, I am seriously in love with Netflix, so much better than having to watch whatever drivel the networks want to inflict on us. Currently watching Fringe, season 3, episode 7.

    Love the nails.

  3. Good job on the mending. I really love the nails. For a first go they are really good.

  4. love, love, love your nails! I'm glad you hemmed that dress and will wear cute and the fabric is awesome.

  5. I love your nails! Very nice! I have a pile of things to be mended, mainly zips to be replaced, but they never seem as exciting as sewing new things :) I do like NCIS as background sewing tv!

  6. Oh gosh, I have so much fabric :) Most of mine is smaller pieces. I'm thinking about starting a quilt. I've never made one, but it seems like a good use for little bits of fabric.

  7. I say don't sweat it about the fabric hoarding. Hoarding is half the fun of sewing. I brought home about 40 yards of fabric this weekend from a dumpster, yes a literal dumpster. I have no shame, lol.


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