Saturday, June 22, 2013

So many cylinders!

I picture Sean Connery saying that in my head: shoooo many shillindersh! That's how you should read it too.

My ceramics class is over, but I am still fetching things back from their final firings. These are from the third, fourth and fifth weeks of class where we started trying to shape cylinders into mugs, vases, etc instead of just tiny flowerpots.
 They are all different, but making ten of them gave me a lot of practice shaping cylinders!Some are like small vases, some like jars, one looks like a pitcher w/o a handle and one is just a regular cylinder.
 That is not to say they are flawless, oh noo. They are weird and uneven and thick in some spots and thin in others. It was good practice! For trimming them too and practicing bases and feet.
I tried out a bunch of glazes and glaze combos to see what I like and what I don't. If we look at them like pool balls: 1- purple, 2- antique white, 3 and 9- temoku which looks like black and copper, 4 and 7- josh green, 5 and 10- yellow salt, 6- apple green, 8- antique white with purple on the inside. I would say 1 and 8 look gross, due to the purple, and the rest are interesting. 

I gave my brother the shorter black one (3) since he liked it and a few to Steven, Stephanie's husband, who made the mistake of being interested in my pottery haha. I also gave away my first four cylinders that I put plants in to the secretaries at school. This is good; I do not need to hoard every piece of pottery I make!!

I'm going to pick up more tomorrow, so brace yourselves for some bowls and mugs!


  1. The little pitcher is really good! I like the small aqua vase guy too. That class sounds like it would be really fun.

  2. Wow, they are all really neat, I like all of them and really like #10!

  3. I love them all--they are both attractive & useful-looking! I started to chose my faves & decided that they all have their own unique charm.


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