Monday, June 17, 2013

Butterick 5889: Summer delight!

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I went a few weeks ago and bought six patterns at Jo-Anns on sale. I though about what I wear all summer and it basically boils down to little cheap-o dresses from Forever 21 or Target that are all comfy and loose and casual. However, I never sew things like that for the summer and I need to change that. I picked up this knit there too; it is lightweight and stretchy with a cool print. The pattern is Butterick 5889 cut out in a small. The envelope made it look super meh, but I thought it had potential.

The back is just nice and drapey and the waist tie is super long. You can wrap it once with a big bow, or twice with a small bow. I made some sort of crazy braid bun for the restaurant.
 I think the combination of the hair and the sandals make it look very Ancient Greece, but it is very comfortable and delightful. I see this getting a ton of wear this summer!

I swear the hem is even, I just bunched it up in a weird way. 

The pattern itself is super easy to make with only four pieces. I cut the back off the fold because I didn't buy enough fabric, but I did everything else as directed. I don't have a zig-zag or serger though, so everything is just done "old school" with a ball point needle. 

Yay to summer, with only five days of school left!

I spent the whole year substituting at the public high school near my house. While it is sad that I still haven't found a permanent teaching job after two (!!) years here in Chicago, whatever, such is life. I'm happy I can pay my bills and my student loans and I have my restaurant job to fill in the gaps. Subbing at the same place every day is probably the best possible situation. Once you're not new, the kids treat you better and don't get really excited that they have a sub to torment, plus I get to walk to work and that is delightful!. So, if I don't find a permanent job this summer, I will definitely keep doing it next year as it's better than working a the restaurant! (That is for you, lady who gobbled down a whole order of calimari with her family and then complained to get it for free, which I did, and then left me a shitty tip. )

My BFF Stephanie and her husband are visiting, so I doubt I will have much more to post this week! Happy Summer!


  1. Beautiful and it looks so cool and comfortable for summer, day or night. I love the fabric the color and print is really pretty!

  2. I like your braided bun too!!

  3. Pretty dress! I love that pattern - I think I've made two already from it.

  4. I loooove your hair. I used to be a server too and the complainers always left shitty tips, even if it wasn't my fault. You can't please some people.

  5. Hi! Just discovered your blog via your lovely minoru and I think I'm here to stay. This dress is gorgeous, I would totally buy this in a shop if I was the buying not sewing type. Now I just want to find some equally amazing fabric and make one right away!


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