Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pattern testing: Tofino PJ Pants

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for another of Tasia's patterns, the Tofino pants/shorts. It was still cold here in Chicago when testing took place, so I made the pants and they are an absolute delight! I have worn them so much in the 6 weeks or so that I have had them!

Here is the pattern:

 Since I am not really "pear-shaped," they body type the patterns are designed for, I made a 0 and they fit nicely. Don't worry about them being too short for all you normal height folks, I had to cut off quite a few inches on the hem.
 I used some cute cotton from the haul Alicia gave me a few months ago. It is salmon and teal and off-white print. I stongly suggest making your own piping, which Tasia provides pieces and instructions for. I bought some piping in a "contrast" color from the shitty selection at Jo-Ann and after I sewed it on relaized it look atrocious. So I ripped it off and ended up with no piping, which is such a cute detail! Sadz. I will be making more pairs, though.
 The bow is cute and the elastic waist is comfy.
 i have been wearing them constantly for about 6 weeks now. I need to make another pair just to give these guys some relief.

The true sadness was right after we took the pictures to send to Tasia, I was rummaging through my makeup, which is on the shelf by the bathroom window. I knocked off a bottle of neon orange nail polish, which then shattered on the floor and exploded EVERYWHERE including on my first-time-worn pants, the wall and the tile. Witness:

I have still been wearing them though. That was the first time in my life I had broken a bottle of nail polish and then in the same WEEK, I broke a bottle of gold polish in the same way in the same spot. Clearly, I am learning...I did jump backwards in time to save my clothes and some acetone fixed the floors and wall. 

Sorry I have been posting so infrequently, I have been gardening and doing pottery and being lazy and I have been sewing, but I need to take pictures of my projects!

if you want some cute pj pants, you can buy the pattern here!


  1. Really cute and fits great! too bad about the nail polish :( I would like to make some pants like this pattern, something comfy to wear around the house.

  2. I just made my first pair today, they wont be my last! I started a 2nd pair with the binding, and I used the pre made bias binding and wrapped it around the cord, which is tricky with the seam allowance. But so far so good!


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