Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Epic Fail, or why I need a walking foot

I got that big piece of velvet in seafoam green color with all of that free fabric from Alicia. My original thought was "om nom nom" and I knew I would make a jacket out of it, a Cordova jacket! I wanted to do a trial run with the pattern and this fabric would be perfect!

Andrew saw the fabric and said ew. I ignored him. 
 Sadly, he was right. Just for the record, I didn't even finish it. After I put in the zipper, I could tell it was a lost cause. So it is not hemmed at all.

Problem one: Velvet. I was like "No, man, I got this." I made a velvet dress before, it'll be fine... Yeah, thinking back, I rush-made a really shoddy red dress for the last day of school before Xmas break. Seriously, go look at it. Such a turd. So since that was my sum total of velvet experience...

Solution: I need a walking foot for my machine. I tried my best, but the pieces would get fed through at different paces and every. single. piece. was. off. I did find a picture online and looked through all of my miscellaneous feet, but I don't have one. Sooo.....something to buy soon.
Oh lawd!
 Problem two: Style + fabric, use some logic please.

The Cordova pattern is for a nice, slim jacket with some detailing and a zipper front. There have been some very good versions that I have seen around the interwebs. Trisha made nice purple one and Tasia made nice tweed one. Everything about the fabric, color and style is all wrong; the sleeves look absurd. It looks like some poorly done costume for an un-researched movie set in the 1800s, minus the not-yet-invented zipper. I am frowning just looking at the pictures. Sooooo ugly.

Solution: Sometimes it is necessary to sit down and actually think about if a pattern and a fabric will
LOL I know!
 Problem three: the zipper. Seriously, if you can't find a zipper that matches (which was impossible at Jo-Ann, the only place I looked) you should not use a random, white, separating one from your stash. Plus it was a little too long, so I cut an inch off the top. The top. So now there is no metal stopper, and the tab can just shoot off into the atmosphere. When I realized this, after I had sewn it in (unevenly, due to no walking foot), I just quit. We're done here, folks.

Solution: Find a damn zipper that matches!
Saggy McDroopertons
Plus,I think the fit is too baggy in general even though I made my usual size 2. It will definitely need some sizing down if I make it again.

Now that it's finally starting to feel like Spring, who cares about jackets!

Feel free to say whatever mean things you like about this wad of crap! I have zero attachment to it and it will be going in my freecycle fabric scrap bag. Oh no wait, I already did that. Haha!


  1. Oh, that's always so sad when a finished project isn't really to one's liking. For what it counts, I still think it looks cute, even if it's not perfect.

    Also, I'm glad you mentioned your zipper mistake, because cutting it short from the top is totally something that I would do. So I've now learned that lesson vicariously through you. Yay!

  2. It's kind of you to show the flops as well as the successes. All of us have them, but we can forget that those we admire have them as well.

  3. Oh no! It's such a pretty color! I remember I once cut a zipper from the top too. Oh well, at least you got something out of it!

  4. At least you can see the funny side of it! I'm planning to make this jacket as soon as I can find a matching zipper (which is proving quite difficult), but I think I'll do a muslin after seeing your fitting issues. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, usually all the tops fit in a 2. Maybe I am just picturing more of a close filling blazer rather than a jacket.

  5. I like the sincerity of sharing the flops as well. I need a walking foot too...

    1. Yeah, there's no need to pretend like everything I make is a delight. lol

  6. Ohhh, too bad it is such a pretty color/fabric.

  7. Think of it as a muslin! And after working with velvet, your next attempt (if you choose) will be so much easier!

  8. Thanks for sharing and being such a good sport about your wadder, shame really as it's such a lovely colour!! Hey Ho, onwards and upwards ;o)

  9. Thanks for being brave enough to share this episode of your sewing journey. We live, sew, relate and learn.


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