Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finally, some sewing loot!

On Friday after work I was able to go to that estate sale of the two spinster sisters who loved to sew. I am sure that it had already been picked over quite a bit, but there was still a lot of stuff. 

There was a whole room of fabric, but it seemed like they hoarded solid, bright colors in heavy polyester. Ick. I found six prints that I liked. 
 The blue and pink flowers are sheers, a magenta flower print and the blue rectangles is a heavy 60s style poly. Who knows... The light green has a nice faux Asian print and then blue polka dots. So the fabric was $15, but it's definitely enough for six dresses.
 The trims were $3 a card, so I only got three. Just for reference, the cards are like a foot long. Each of these trims are about an inch wide. Shades of blue, Murica red white and blue, and a hot pink with flowers in the center.
 There were two pattern cabinets full of patterns and they had them organized by style. It was mostly 60s-90s heavy. I wonder what they did with their older ones? Or they got into sewing later in life? It was fun to dig through and everything was a 32/34 bust, so that was cool.
 Some dresses, a nice costume pattern, some embroidery guides.
 Nightgowns, a Swirl style wrap dress and the "romance on a bridge" one just made me laugh.
Unopened tracing paper and a nice McCalls with an elastic(!) waist! I'm definitely making that one!

There were also just rooms of clothes they had made for themselves, but none was really my style. Just tons of solid bright colors and short sleeve boxy blouses. There was also a strange hipster girl with a tri-pod camera taking pictures of things in an artsy way. That was interesting. 

All in all, some good loot! I think the total was like 35 bucks. Yay!


  1. Ooh I've had that wrap dress on my Pinterest for ages! Really like that pattern.

  2. I have that sweater embroidery one! That really is a great deal!!


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