Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sewing for Stephanie's Wedding

Now, this is a little behind the times, since Stephanie got married the weekend after I did. MMMhhhmmm, such a copy cat. :) So we stayed with them in New Orleans for the week in between, which was great. Andrew and I got to hang out with all of our parents before they headed home and enjoy the New Orleans sunshine.

I did do one productive thing that week though! Stephanie had a St. Patrick's Day themed wedding reception during the Irish Channel Parade, so she wanted two green sashes made: one for the wedding the night before and one for the party. A friend from work was supposed to make it for her, but didn't, with no explanation  So I looked around online and found a sewing studio where you could rent a machine by the hour, called Sew Fabulous in the Riverbend. I called and left a message and both ladies called me back really promptly and I was able to go the next morning and make the sashes with the fabric Steph had.

It was super cute inside
 Maybe I've been in Chicago too long, but I was expecting an hour to be like 30 bucks or so. Wrong, it was only 10! And the owner came by and was super friendly and helped me with the second sash. It was fun! The also do classes for all levels and then open studio time, too. It was really cute and the sashes turned out fine.
The owner helped me with one sash and I was out the door in less than an hour!
The ceremony was at Steven's parents house for a small group and then there was a big crawfish boil to celebrate with everyone. Stepahnie bought her dress the day before my wedding when we stopped in Trashy Diva (a vintage-style clothing store) the day before my wedding. I bought my rehearsal dinner dress and she bought her wedding dress! We made this sash more like a cummerbund to match the shape of the midriff of the dress. It turned out a little bit big, because Stephanie and Steven were at the ceremony where he found out where they are going for his residency(!) so she couldn't be there to try it on.
 At the ceremony, where we all cried.
 Crawfish boil fun! Andrew destroyed his shirt, but Stephanie kept her dress nice, which is a feat!
The parade wedding party was the next day and she had a different dress, so it got its own sash. This one was more like a long ribbon-type sash in a brighter green. Steven had an awesome green suit, as well!
So cute!

See, it matches the wig!
Their cat clawed up Steven's face the day before the wedding, which we just covered with a little makeup. However, there was a face-painter there, so Steven had some wolverine claw marks painted on. So funny!

It was a super fun weekend! Congrats to Steph and Steven! Yay!


  1. What a fabulous find! However I don't seem to be able to see the last few photos (of the 2nd day)

  2. I love the photos...I can't seem to get the second day of the reception photos to load? That is so cool that there was a business with sewing machines for rent!

  3. Gorgeous! That green is spectacular!


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