Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knit Renfrew for spring!

Last week I wanted an easy project to follow on the heels of an epic fail, which I will post later in the week. I decided I would make a Renfrew with some of the knit fabric I received from Alicia last month. So here is my pattern, I made the cowl neck but with short sleeves. 
At first when I wore it I wasn't happy with it hardly at all. Now, looking at the pictures, I like it more. For some reason I made a zero instead of a 2. The sleeves are a little too tight. For future reference...

Close-up of the neck, which is nice. 

I think I could use a little more ease in the bust, so that back wouldn't pull like that. Again, should have made a 2.
I used a knit needle and that's about it, since my machine does not do anything other than straight stitch. Finishing with the bands solves the problem of horribly home-made looking hems. I had Andrew take pictures and as we went outside he was confused as to what I had made. So I think it looks store bought. its certainly not worse than anything from Forever 21!

Happy Weekend!


  1. It looks good from here! Do you think you'll wear it out even though you think it's a little tight?

  2. I think it looks really good! Great job :)


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