Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vogue Dress Meh... V 1287

This dress is just so meh. The fabric is cool, but on my skin it looks so gross. I need to stop buying fabric with a beige background. I thought the pleat detail would be cool, but it just looks like a shapeless bundle of crap. I finished this at least two weeks ago, but was unmotivated to take pictures.
 The front: meh. The back: meh. Meh!
 Close-up? Meh. You can't even see the details. Also, it has no closures and is meant to just pull over your head, but it is like trying to crawl through a small tube.
The sketch looks nice though. Oh Vogue and your false promises! It is nicely made, though. Maybe I will sell it on etsy.


  1. It's very nice and if you don't like it I know someone out there would love it. It looks like a career type dress perfect for a dressy office. You should try it again in a more solid colored fabric, the fit is really good.

  2. I like it very much, even nicer than the sketch.

  3. I think the dress looks great. Dress it up with some heels I think, and style your hair differently? I see potential with this. Fits you well, I think it looks great :)

  4. I know you didn't exactly plan to camouflage yourself next to the brick wall, but you do need more vibrant colors. Also camouflaged are the lines of the pockets.

  5. I actually think this looks great on you, especially the gorgeous neckline detail. And I don't see a problem with the colour!?! I'm sure if you wanted to sell it though, it would get snapped up pretty fast!

  6. I really like the style on you actually but I agree about the colour. You look great in bright happy colours! Try the style again I say maybe in a solid colour - I think it will be great!

  7. Love the style on you, but I'm with you on the color - I held onto a piece of fabric with a beige background until i realized that I am too pale to pull it off. I like the fit and details, and if you did decided to keep it, could you add a colorful cardigan and a colored belt to maybe break up the beige a bit?

    1. The bodice is just so puffy with the pleats, I think it would look really bunchy?


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!