Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vicarious Baby Excitement!

My oldest friend Anna is having a baby! It is going to be born in mid to late February, maybe even on my bday! This is my first close friend to have a baby, so its very exciting. She doesn't find out until the beginning of October if it is a boy or a girl, so we must wait and see. 

In my excitement, I went through my pattern stockpile and pulled out all the baby to 1 year sized patterns. Most of them are precious!
Check out the soulless dot eyes on the McCall.
Above: Tiny coats, tiny pinafores, tiny jumpers and tiny ruffle dresses and coats.

Below: Two layette patterns, a sunsuit, a precious vintage layette that is sadly sized for a 13" doll, and the hilarious mummy baby bag.

Aren't some of them adorable? Which one is your favorite?

Do you think I could size up the doll one to the size of an actual baby?

Some of these could go in a boy direction if needed, right? Although we all know sewing for a girl is waaayyy more fun...


  1. Aaaaw, how cute are these!?! I really like the pattern on the top right hand side of the 2nd photo. The prospect of sewing for a close friend's baby is always so exciting. Have you seen the cutest baby blanket tutorial from Handmade Jane by the way - http://handmadejane.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/baby-blanket-tutorial.html

    Could be another cute idea / gift maybe? I'm already making one for a good friend of mine ;o)

  2. So special to make and receive a hand made gift for a baby! I really like all of the patterns, I think you have to make the mummy bag for sure and then after that lets hope it is a girl and you can make a cute little ruffled dress!

  3. I loved pinafores and the little sunsuits (sans elastic legs!) when my kiddies were little. The only thing to remember is that most vintage patterns don't have a snap crotch. Insert a snap crotch at all costs, otherwise you have to strip a kid to get the diaper off. Also steer clear of buttons, kids chew them off constantly and choke. I just found colored plastic snaps and fold over matching elastic at Joann's. They put them in a different isle though than other notions.... Ugh. They are so cute and much more colorful than the standard silver and white snaps.

  4. I think I'm liking Simplicity 3056 best. Might work with a skivvy underneath if it's cold too. They're all adorable!


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