Monday, September 17, 2012

New Loot and an Oddity

So apparently in the burbs there is a 1/2 size replica of the Tower of Pisa. We drove by on the way to an estate sale and lol'd. 
 That is my oddity, now on to my $13 dollars of loot!

 I got Monopoly (only missing one railroad) and Balderdash, which is super fun. Andrew got another great t-shirt that says "You may already be a wiener!" He wears that Polish Drinking Team one a LOT and it never fails to get at least one comment from a stranger.

I also got a clipboard for substituting, although the union is still on strike, and this cool blanket. Doesn't it have a great texture?
 Plus, I found these chairs that fold up when not in use!
All in all, a great Saturday of loot for only going to two sales. Fun fun fun!


  1. Cool chairs - a bonus that they fold up.

  2. Love the blanket, beautiful color! The tshirt is great too... you may be a weiner! hahaha

  3. Great finds for sure! The blanket is really cool.

  4. I love the green blanket - I wish I had that much luck on my thrifting hunts... :)


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