Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bridesmaid's Dresses- Phase One

Wow, wedding stuff is so time consuming! I have never really been interested in this sort of thing, so it's a lot of learning. So we have found our venue (and the new vocabulary, lol) and booked, chosen the date, ordered save the date magnets (an idea I blatantly stole from a friend who is getting married in November) and now address labels that match. I'm exhausted...but that might be from substitute teaching every weekday since the strike is over and then working Fri- Sun at the restaurant. Enough whining, on to excitement.

I did manage to email the bridesmaids this week to begin doing dress stuff. We are going down to NOLA around Halloween for fun and to do photographer/flowers/cake/menu/hotel stuff. Driving, since we were too irresponsible to remember to buy plane tickets before they became a tra-billion dollars, whoops. I want to make a muslin so that Stephanie can try it on in person before I make the final version. 

My mom and Vicky live in my hometown, so my mom agreed to make Vicky's. She is being adorably nervous about it, even though she is a much more careful, precise seamstress than I am! lol Anna was going to be my third bridesmaid, but she is having a baby at the end of Feb and the wedding is mid-March. Shockingly, she doesn't want to travel across the country with a newborn baby! :) 

So, I think the bridesmaids will be in the Cambie dress, which will be adorable! I have an uncut copy, so I can trace them off to make both dresses. Won't that be cute?!

 Vicky wants the A-line and Steph hasn't gotten back to me, so I don't know which version yet. Which one do you prefer?

I am going to go to Vogue Fabrics or Fishman's and buy some nice fabric. View A would only need 3.5 yards of 60 inch fabric. That would still make them waayyy cheaper

And on a parting note, here is our save the date magnet! Isn't it cute?I scraped together about 25 pictures of the both of us for the eight years we have been dating where no one is making a derp face. Then we narrowed them down and ta-da!

In Paris where we met, college graduation,
at a parade in NOLA and at the Grand Canyon 

 Anyways, any tips for wedding planning from those of you who have done this before?


  1. Looks like a great start! I got married this April. It was super stressful at times but in the end turned out wonderful. I'm impressed that you're making the dresses!

  2. Wow, so much progress, that's great! I love the save the date magnets, they turned out so good. Thank you saying I am being "adorably nervous" but really, the last thing I would want to goof up is a bridesmaid dress for my only daughters wedding! This pattern was so pretty when you made it, I think it is a perfect choice for the bridesmaid dresses and I can't wait to see the fabric you choose.

  3. My wedding advice is decide in advance what really matters to you and let the rest go. Weddings can become infinitely complex and time consuming and you realize later that the placement of the flowers wasn't important to you. It also ratchets up the cost!

    And make sure everything's figured out by a week ahead of time, and designate someone else to deal with last minute problems, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

  4. Don't skimp on the photographer! And no one will remember what your center pieces look like. Oh, and make sure you get a DJ who knows that he is not the center of attention.

    Cute magnets!

  5. I love your save-the-date magnets! I never had that when I had my wedding. It was a couple a months ago. The preparation was pretty stressful since I didn't hire any coordinator. Me and my family decided to do everything ourselves. My mom was the one who made the bridesmaids' dresses. All with knee length skirts like your design. It turned out really pretty. I'm sure your wedding will turn out great also!


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