Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two Weekends of Loot

This is last weekend and this weekend's loot. I have finally found a schedule of going to bed that makes substitute teaching Mon-Fri and then working Fri-Sun at the restaurant bearable. Thus, I have finished two sewing projects and almost a third! I'll post those later in the week! I am not yet motivated to take pictures, the house is really cold. It's that awkward time of year where it's cool outside, but the radiators have not yet turned on. I can't wait for the fiery inferno the house becomes with the radiators cranking!

I bought two hats and a pair of mittens, a National Geographic, and a gyroscope and sunglasses for Andrew. 
 I bought this wooden sewing box. I have no plans for it yet. With that big built-in cabinet in the dining room, I am not lacking in storage space.
 I bought four pairs of flats at Payless Shoe Source.
 This weekend I bought the dress pattern for myself and the baby pattern to make stuff for Anna's baby. We find out this week if it's a boy or a girl!
 These will go on Etsy, they are all in a bust 36. Email me if you want me to list one now.
 I also bought three zippers (brown, black and white) and the tool that makes rivets! Booyeah! And I tried it out and it makes rivets perfectly.                                                              
Rivet success. 
All of today's sewing stuff was two dollars. That's almost cheaper than one new zipper!


  1. Wow...tht's some good loot! It is getting cold there, I just checked the weather on the phone and it said a low tonight of 37. Maybe it will be snowing at xmas, that would be fun! Do you have a guess about Anna's baby, boy or girl? I think it's going to be a boy! Soon we will know.
    Dad's guess is a girl!!

    1. I hope it's a girl, all of my patterns are so cute, but for girls!

  2. That's a great haul! I finally found some good stuff this weekend, since this has been the summer of terrible thrifting. I also found a super awesome, yet hands down the most ghetto thrift store, ever, lol. :]


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