Monday, October 15, 2012

A Pleasing Project!

I made this skirt at the same time as the grey corduroy one. I cut them both out at the same time and then just did every step twice and made them simultaneously. While exactly the same (size and construction-wise), I very much prefer this one.

The fabric:
Front seam detail and gathers. 
I bought the fabric at an estate sale with Emma. If you recall, that was when we went to an appointment-only sale on Craigslist and did not get murdered! It was 66 cents, according to my past calculations. It's a beautiful print and I had been hoarding it for something good. 
I did wear shoes to work, I swear. Substituting has made me reacquainted with how god awful uncomfortable many of my "work" shoes are.
So it's comfortable, has pockets and is fairly flattering. I am pleased!

So there! I finally posted my skirt a week or two later than I said. Forgive me, I have been working waay too much. 

I might need some pants advice later in the week...


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!