Thursday, May 10, 2012

Interview ME! II Dress

Last summer I made my Interview ME! dress, which is a nice-looking, looking-for-work dress. However, as I am job hunting again one year later, I thought "Why not make a new dress?" After making my first Cambie dress for pattern testing, I was so pleased with it/myself that I wanted to make the other view.

I went off to Jo-Ann and found a nice, spring-like blue striped linen blend. It has blue and white and grey stripes. I lined it with Bemberg in off-white, so it can breathe. Or my skin can breathe.  
 I folded the fabric so that the selvages met, but I didn't think about where the stripes would be centered. Derp. So the dark stripe is slightly off center, reminding me slightly of the ribbon on a gift.
 Again, the stripes so not match in the back at all. If you make this in stripes, you need to be more thoughtful and deliberate than I was!
 From the side it looks fine.
 When I robot-dance it looks nice!
And with my interview jacket on, it looks perfectly fine! Also, I am really happy I bought a pair of nude heels. They are so neutral! Oh la la.

Anyways, it's not as awesome as my first Cambie dress, but it is nice too! Is this teaching interview appropriate or should I stick with my grey dress? Or this blue dress? Oh, yeah, it's a purely academic question until I get an actual interview!


  1. I actually like the off-center stripe - I think it's a nice design element. And this dress is totally appropriate for summer interviews, definitely keep the jacket on for that, though :)

    I'm so jealous of your TWO Cambies - they are both awesome!

  2. What kind of teaching do you do? (I'm an elementary teacher.) I think this is totally interview worthy! I love your blue one too, but it could skew just a little bit precious for an interview. I think this one has more gravitas while also being very fun!

  3. I think the off centre stripe is fine, would never have noticed, or thought it was a bad thing. It looks like the perfect dress for summer

  4. It looks terrific. I'm a teacher (check out my teacher blog...) and I think it is a good choice for an interview. Honestly, I would go to schools introduce myself and ask for the principal's advice on how to get a job. If you impress the right one, he or she will find you a job.

  5. I think the off center stripe looks good and I thought you had planned it that way--what a nice, professional looking dress without looking stuffy! Good luck with the interviews and I will keep my fingers crossed. : )

  6. Dress looks great and you look perfect for the part of a teacher! A stylish and cool teacher :)

  7. Definitely teacher appropriate, and perfect for interviews! I love the stripe fabric - it's subtle and stylish. It looks great paired with the jacket and heels - a winning ensemble :)


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!