Saturday, May 26, 2012

Estate Sale Loot

We went to an estate sale in Cicero today and as we get off the freeway we drove through what appeared to appear abandoned industrial yards and Andrew was convinced I was going to get us killed. Haha. All because one time I wanted us to go to a Caribbean restaurant I found on yelp and it was in the most frightening neighborhood full of boarded up houses and crackheads wandering into traffic and such. Needless to say, we did not go to that restaurant. 

 Today,  we went into the actual neighborhood of the sale and it was perfectly nice houses and such. And no, we did not get murdered. 
 I bought two sweaters and two shot glasses and eight drinking glasses that say "25th Anniversary" on them.
This picture is such a "How great of a photographer is Molly?" picture. Your answer would be "any number x 0= Zero!!!!" Piles of sewing crap in the background, slightly blurry and you can't actually read any of the glasses. Perfect! Hire me to photograph your wedding! Or not...


  1. You'll have to put the glasses away so they are still good for when you two celebrate your 25th!

  2. Haha! Oh you're funny. :)
    I'm jealous of that green sweater. It's gorgeous!


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