Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The "Interview ME" Dress

Well, I have finally finished this dress! Maybe it will be a good sign, and someone (anyone!) will call me about a job. I hate job hunting- it's depressing and no one has called me. I think part of it is that I haven't taken any of the endorsement tests yet, because the next one is on Sept 10 and the last one was on July 9, the day we were driving a moving truck across the country. Until you take one, you aren't considered qualified to teach your subject area. So, I will take the French test, the history test and the LBST I, which is for special ed teaching assistants. But, unless someone miraculously calls me before school starts after Labor Day, it seems I may end up spending some time waitressing and substitute teaching....Wah! But I did that while I was getting my Master's degree and it paid the bills, so.... I am trying to stay positive!

Anyways- here is my pattern.The picture on the right, with the collar. 
Time: I made it over several days, maybe 3-4 hours. 

Fabric: light grey pinstripe "summer suiting", lining is a pinky skin color, both from Jo-Ann

Notions: one 14 inch zipper

Cost: I am sure I used a coupon, but it all cost less than $20. 

Picture were taken on the back staircase because I didn't feel like tottering around the neighborhood in heels.
 The collar got an extra pressing, and it doesn't flip up like that anymore.
 I did a side zipper and the hem by hand, while watching Law & Order.
 Our backs.
 Tiny T-Rex.
 Here's my whole interview outfit. Banana Republic jacket from two years ago, off white patent leather shoes from Dillards, and the white bag was from K-Mart of all places. It came with a tiny white umbrella inside. :)
Fully lined, a rarity in Molly Land!

So, it's good for an interview and hopefully I will get one, so I can wear my lucky white jacket and become employed! Woot woot! Wish me luck, it seems like I need some!


  1. You've done a marvellous job! I looks fantastic on you - professional and polished. :)

  2. Looks great! Totally professional, or also great for a nice restaurant or something. Good luck with your job search!

  3. Love it! So polished! I'm sure they'll hire you in a heartbeat! Good luck on the search!

  4. Lovely dress! Perfect for interviews. I love sewing with suitings--so easy to handle and the results look professional. ~ Peggy


  5. Cute dress, it looks perfect on you! Good luck with the job search, I know its tough here in the Chicago area!

  6. Very smart! Good luck in the job hunt.

  7. It's really smart and I love the collar. Good luck with the job hunt!

  8. Wow! You really outdid yourself here. It looks great on you, incredibly professional, and the jacket gives it a great season-appropriate look. You definitely have that "You want to give me this job" confidence in these pictures, too!

    Good luck with the job hunt!

  9. Beautiful dress on you, it looks very professional! I hope you get some calls soon, I'm sure when you interview you will have a job in no time...GOOD LUCK! They will be lucky to have you.

  10. LOVE it! It's the pefect interview dress! Good luck on the job hunt!!

  11. The dress looks fantastic. great job.

  12. I have some pinstripe in my stash and now NEED a dress just like yours! Great job, it looks professional and stylish! Good luck with the tests and interviews. I am a HS math teacher and remember those frustrating days of waiting for the phone to ring! Hang in there!


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