Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Curtains 2-8: Lemony Snkitchen

My next curtain project was the kitchen because we needed to cover the window on the back door. The lemon yellow fabric really brightens up the kitchen and makes it very festive. 
 I gave the door curtain tabs because I didn't think the tiny, cheap curtain rod could withstand very much gathering. It serves its function by letting in some light, while freeing the neighbors of seeing us drink beer in our underwear.
 These are three piece curtains, just to frame the windows and look cute. These two windows look out onto brick walls, so no one can see in. I love them, they're so peppy!
 The smaller window is in the same style, with three pieces.
 Time: About 2-3 hours.

Fabric: Quilting cotton from Jo-Ann, the selvage said  "juicy" by Alexander somebody...
 Notions: Yellow thread, which I already had

Cost: $30, which is great since I got seven "panels" out of it. You know that trick at the store, where the package picture has a nice window with two curtains but each pouch only has one panel, if you read the fine print. Sneaky.
This picture is a little blurry, but I wanted to showcase my lemon tree yarn embroidery from a garage sale. It's pretty 70s out, and spectacular.

Next, I am making navy blue shorts. I felt the need...


  1. Your kitchen is so sunny and cheerful, I love what you did with the curtains. I really like the lemon fabric it feels retro--great job!

  2. Love the curtains, love the lemon tree embroidery, love your honesty about drinking beer in your underwear! You haven't been to my house have you???


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