Saturday, July 23, 2011

Curtain 1- Bedroom

This will be the first in a million part series called "Curtains." Hmm, did not notice the lack of mini-blinds in the rental before moving in. Obviously, the bedroom curtain was deemed the most important. The neighbor's house end just before our bedroom, so the window looks out onto their yard, six windows of the next house over, and the back of an apartment building. That's a lot lot of potential eyeballs spying on me. 
 I am still working on hanging up pictures.
 Here's the before window. Piercing sunlight.
Also, I was nice (for once) and gave Andrew the big closet. HWHAT?
 So, as you can see, I really made a curtain, not curtains. Meh. I bought the last of this bolt of fabric, which was 2 5/8 yards. I made a tube at the top and hemmed the bottom. I turned the long sides under once, because I doubt the selvages will fray. It is just wide enough- yay! Total cost- $12.
 It has multicolored bikes all over it. It's nice and dark to block out the sun. I tricked the dog into sleeping until 9:40 today! Hahahahaha, he thought it was still night!

 I also made two ribbon ties, so you can have some light if you want. That would be my Molly's Ew for this one; I thought I was being all careful and precise and then we hang up the curtain and one tie is about a foot higher than the other. Did I go back and fix it? Oh, hell naw!

Have a great weekend! Our horrific heat wave has now passed to the east coast, so if you live there- sorry, but not really!

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  1. Cute curtain for the bedroom, I really like the multi-colored bikes! I am so happy for you two that the heat wave has now moved on, it sounded a little too hot. Looking forward to more curtains.


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