Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Next up: Pinstriped dress pants

Last Thursday was my birthday, so I am now 28. Oh snap, I'm so old! My parents got me an awesome food processor and Andrew got me this Le Creuset casserole. I am very excited by both! 
 The downstairs neighbors were nice enough to watch t-rex while we were in New Orleans. Same colors, but different sizes...
 This is the fabric for my pants. It's a navy "superfine" suiting that I bought at Discount Textile Outlet.
 This is my pattern: Vogue 1051. Making these pants has been boring and a pain in the butt. There are four welt pockets.
They are nearly complete, but I just organized all of my sewing stuff and realized that I have no pants closures. Grr. I do not feel like driving to Jo-Ann today, since I just went yesterday to get more navy thread.

I didn't make a muslin, so we shall see if they look great or horrifying!


  1. You will love cooking with the le creuset casserole, I had one and loved it. I really like the neighbor dog...hmmm a coon hound, I might want to add one of those to my pack...someday! The pants patterns is really nice and should look great in that fabric you're using.

  2. Happy birthday! Le Creuset are great - just don't use any metal spoons or anything on them as this leaves a mark (speaking from experience here...!)

  3. I feel like the worst friend ever. I've been so wrapped up in insanity lately that I didn't wish you a happy birthday! D: I'm sorry D: D: D:

    I'm so happy you have a food processor. I was so close to buying you a cheap one last year!


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