Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Box O Patterns: No-go's for sale

Well these are all patterns that don't appeal to me, or are too simple or similar to another pattern I have or are cute but not my size! Poo poo. If you like any of them, email me and I will set up an etsy sale for you. I always claim I am going to sell things on etsy and then (so far) never dooooooooo....

 I already have so many 60s patterns and the pieces are all the same...
 I like the yellow dress, but ti's too big!
Perhaps these puppies can go off to new homes!

Also, I found another stack of "keepers" and I bought some ridiculous fabric at Discount Textile Outlet. Here's a funny snippet from the cutting table:
Two guys have dug a roll of white upholstery fabric from the basement and want a price. The girl quotes them 3 a yard with a discount for more than 20 yards. Then she walks over and says "Oh this is something different! This would be 1/yard and 80 cents for every yard over 20!" The guys were thrilled and bought 50 yards.

I was amused. Were they making mummies?!


  1. I will buy the embroidery pattern from you...just name your price. I like the first pattern, the pants/shorts that is cute.

  2. Dammit, I was coming in here to say I wanted the embroidery pattern! Looks like someone beat me to it :)

    I have this Simplicity pants/shorts pattern which looks exactly like yours but the artwork & pattern # are different - so weird! Idk about yours, but mine is sewn without side seams. The concept is totally baffling me and I can't wait to try it out this summer haha

  3. Oh no, you can let ladybird have the embroidery pattern! I might get it and then never use it. : )


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