Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Estate sale loot and the rest of the patterns

I went to this estate sale just to see a pristine version of my bike. It's a JC Higgins (the Sears store brand) from the 50s and it's awesome! This one still had the original store tag and was like new. Mine is old and rusty and the seat has been replaced. It's super heavy and has a headlight and tail light. Love! This one has already sold, but the lady wouldn't say for how much...
 Andrew said we should look for a cast iron frying pan for steaks, which I poo-pooed because we already have about 6 skillets. Then in the basement we found a griddle! Compromise reached!
 I also found this t-shirt that says "adopt a horse." Frankly, I think those horses are procreating recreationally if you know what I mean. How else would they pose like that? hee hee

I also bought these patterns for 50 cents each. Meh, why not? We all know I'm a hoarder.
 At another sale, the woman collected compacts. She had hundreds! I bought this one which is silver (plated, perhaps) and has a crazy faux-Myan/Inca design. I like it.
 Obviously, I threw away the ancient, used powder puff. It has a little screen to hold in loose powder, which I shall wash and sanitize. Me likey.
 These are the rest of my box o patterns from Lisette (indirectly). These are all "basics". Nothing is too spectacular, but I think I want to have them just in case. Give me your thoughts!

Maybe I'll make a sassy seventies wardrobe, you don't know!


  1. You got some good patterns. It's hard to pass up patterns at 50c or $1 isn't it... ask me why I know!

  2. Ooh that compact is nice! I need to keep an eye out for one. I like B5913 with the collar and pockets and the peasant-y 9146.

  3. Haaa isn't being a pattern hoarder fun? :B I need to start dumping mine... I'm running out of space, ack.

    Simplicity 9164 - I made that one up! Well, I traded out the skirt for a different pattern, but it's basically the same thing. Here's mine - http://lladybird.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/completed-the-white-eyelet-maxi-dress/ :D

  4. Awesome patterns - love Simplicity 7423 it looks like a suit. When the prices are that low its hard to say no isn't it??

  5. Wow, that bike is sooo nice! I really like your 70's patterns and I wish you would make the jumper in the center pattern, the one that is orange and black. Sounds like some fun estate sales!

  6. I love the patterns and the compact. You always have interesting finds. Love.

    If you're interested, I started a meetup group (Thriftanista Social Club) for thrifters to connect, share, and mingle in the Chicago area. Join us.

    http://www.meetup.com/thriftanistasocialclub or http://www.facebook.com/groups/thriftanistasocialclub

  7. Hey, I've made that vintage Vogue pattern (6910). Watch out, though. The armholes are REALLY HIGH.


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