Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Box o Patterns: Keepers for me

These are more from my box of patterns. In this case, they are all roughly my size or are shapless and I like the style. 
 These all have some potential, I think.
 These do too, maybe.
These, maybe?? Maybe I would like a boxy coat, or a caftan, or perhaps will wear leiderhosen for Mardi Gras of Halloween? You don't know!!!!

Tomorrow will be all the ones I dislike or are not even close to my size. You might want to take a look because I wills ell them all on etsy at some point.


  1. I have that Butterick 2195 - blouse with embroidered initials. Unfortunately the letter transfers are missing from mine, as I think it's a cute idea.

  2. I love the Jane Tise and the See and Sew pattern - I debated buying them many, many times! I have determined that this was not a box I made up, though.

  3. I think they all have possibilities, I like so many of these...have fun!!!


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