Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vogue 1121- The NYE dress

This dress took me a long time to finish and I am less than in love with the final product. 
 Here are some awkward self-timer shots. It was a battle with the light being too bright and then too dark and then trying to find a angle that didn't make me look like a giant/too far away. Bleh.

Anyways, I am no photographer, obviously. I can't wait until the days get longer and I can get Andrew to take pictures outside again!

 It is very fitted, except for the sleeves. I didn't really think that through and I'm noticing it in the pictures.
 The side fits fine.
 My main point of disgust for this dress is the neckline. It looks awful and the fit is awful. It goes too far to the sides, showing bra straps, and it is also DESIGNED to have that stupid inset in the neckline. I had hoped I could leave it out (I also called it the "Modesty Panel" the entire time I was sewing) but in the end the neckline is just way too low and gaping. So I sewed it in, but I really think it has a "oops, let's fix this neckline that's too low, but I'm already done sewing the dress" look. But they designed it like that! Why????? 
See what I mean about the neck?

This pattern is a "NOPE" for me and I won't ever make it again. It was a disappointment. I may still wear this dress at some point, but I do not love it. That's two meh items for January. I am losing my sewing mojo with all of these icky items!

Well, I am off to Oregon to visit my parents for about a week. I am going to take pictures of my dad in all of his hats and then put him on the interwebs. hahahahaha. 


  1. I don't think it looks bad at all in the photos but I hear ya on the fit issues. That is such a bummer - it's such a pretty dress! Would the neckline look better if you replaced the "modesty panel" with something contrasty, like a strip of lace or ruffles? And then maybe put more of the same somewhere else - like on the ends of the sleeves or the hem - so it looks intentional?

    Have fun in Oregon! Can't wait to see all these hat pictures :D lol

  2. The dress looks pretty good except for that neckline panel. I also think it would look better if you replaced it with lace or a thinner fabric. And maybe you could put it to go down vertically instead of across? The neckline on the pattern looks more square to me.

  3. I really like the dress! But I know what it feels like to not like something that you've sewn (even if other people think it looks great!) Have a blast in Oregon!! xoxoxo

  4. I like lladybirds ruffle idea....perhaps it needs to go to closet purgatory for a bit until the creative pain recedes and you could give it another try on. I think its really cute.

  5. Oh no, an unhappy ending :( The modesty panel is pretty strange, a definite Vogue's Ew. I like the idea of ruffles, wonder how pleats would look? Or a pretty cami worn under?

  6. I agree, that modesty panel is a bit odd. It sucks to sew something you don't like. I am pretty sure the dress I have been working on is going to be too small, lol. :]

  7. I love the dress...except for the whole modesty panel thing. Don't give lose your mojo, maybe pick a quick easy project that will turn out great-like an apron!

  8. I think you look beautiful in the dress and you did a great job with a less than great pattern! Try some of the suggestions above for the neckline and it might make a big difference in the finished dress!

  9. Think it's time to pull out a tried and true pattern and beat the sewing funk you're finding yourself in. :\

    It is a cute silhouette and I like the neckline in theory i.e. the shape of it. It was the first thing I noticed in both the envelope (why does Vogue keep hiding all the details in their patterns by sewing the samples in black?! Can't see anything except the silhouette and the neckline!) and in your first picture. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. The neckline does look odd in that last picture. I hope you get some use of it, though, because everything else looks awesome on you and I like the print!

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