Friday, March 9, 2012

Vogue 1051: Navy dress pants

I finally finished these pants and they are another failure. When will I ever feel motivated to sew if everything I make is so dissatisfying? 

The Vogue pattern was fine and I cut out a six. I need to just remember that I can do a 6 in dresses, but not pants. These are so, so tight. I used a nice navy blue suiting with a nearly invisible pinstripe. I did not make a muslin and I am paying for that, obviously. 
 They are so tight you will have a wardrobe malfunction, so to speak. It's not like I'm going to lose any weight,  as I am now scrawny from losing weight running around waiting tables. I am going to mail them off to Stephanie and maybe they will fit her!
 Andrew was mocking me as he took these pictures, telling me flattering things like "they are squishing your butt flat!" and so on. All true, though.
I don't think the welt pockets would pull open if they weren't so tight. All that time wasted making four welt pockets and a fly and sewing on the pants clasps. They are very nice looking and the pockets all look great!

Okay, maybe March will be the month when I start sewing great things again! I am making my red silk dress next and then I might bust out a few Pendrell blouses just to feel good! Wish me luck!


  1. Perhaps if you lowered the crotch curve you would have more room and they would fit better. I am just finishing up the pants fitting class on PR and strange as it seems taking in the seam line at the bottom of the back crotch curve actually gives you more room. You could baste it in to see if the fit is better. Is there no way to let out the side seams even a tiny bit? It is so frustrating to do all that work on all the lovely details of welt pockets and fly to have it not fit.

  2. Ah, that sucks that they don't fit! The look really really nice - I'm really digging those welt pockets. It's hard to see because the fabric is dark, but it looks like you managed to avoid all those weird crotch wrinkles & stuff too! Lucky! Next time you make these, you'll probably just need to go up a size.

    On the flip side, whoever these end up fitting (hopefully Stephanie!) is going to have a super nice pair of pants.

  3. How disappointing! They look great otherwise :)
    I could use a boost in my sewing, too--hopefully we'll both have better results soon.

  4. I find pants are really difficult to fit. Yours look very nice. Is there any way to let out seams? I read once that when making pants, cut the seam allowances for 1 inch, for fitting purposes. I think it was a note inside a special perfect-fit-type pattern

  5. I think they look great - so what if they are tight there is always somewhere to wear tight pants and look good!!
    The sewing is excellent, as always!

  6. They are not exactly perfect, but they are not a failure! You are one step closer to knowing exactly what to do to get a good pair of pants. They look terrific and while they may be too tight, they are not so much too tight that you can't get them on. Good job!

  7. That's too bad, especially with those welt pockets! Hopefully March will be a better month for your sewing project.

    I've yet to tackle this pattern. I want to so badly, but the motivation just isn't there. If there's one thing I've learned, don't push the motivation... nothing good comes from apathy :)


Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!